‘Antony & Cleopatra’


“Though I make this marriage for my peace ⁄ In the East my pleasure lies”

Surrounded by gossip and scandal, Antony (Ralph Fiennes) has fallen hard for Cleopatra (Sophie Okonedo). Civil war and rebellion is ever-present, alliances are strained, but Antony just can’t quit his Egyptian Queen.

We are poolside at the palace of Cleopatra, where the air is hot with the Egyptian sun, and the alcohol is ever-flowing. This in stark (and stunning) contrast with the cold, pale Rome and its concrete, utilitarian surroundings.

Antony & Cleopatra is one of those plays that could have really done with an editor. At its core, you have this volatile relationship, as passionate as it is deadly, but it’s entirely surrounded by weighty historical context:

Antony is one of three triumvirs, alongside Lepidus and, Antony’s ultimate antagonist, Octavius Caesar. Assigned Rome’s eastern provinces amid the Sicilian revolt, he meets and falls for Cleopatra, and commits the Roman period equivalent of turning off his phone. Chaos ensues.

The only thing that could overcome such detail, then, is the turbulence of this forbidden love. Continue reading

An Edinburgh Christmas Carol [production week]


Since October, I’ve been working on two shows for the festive season:

one, an immersive weekly cabaret; the other, an Edinburgh take on The Christmas Carol.

Similar to The Suppliant Women, there was a callout for singers to play protestor carolers in the production. Yes, protestor carolers. The ban on Christmas/Yule vacation in Scotland wasn’t officially lifted until 1958; to be caught reveling in anything even vaguely festive or churchy was a criminal offence – Scottish history is journey, but in a nutshell, the Calvinists were the worst.

With evening shows, matinees and an exhaustive number of morning shows for school audiences (very canny thinking), the near 6 week run finishes tomorrow. As for me, my role ended before the new year.
This would’ve gone up sooner, but I had a month long flu – I’m still getting used to being upright again.For reasons I’ll cover in the next post, in spite of actively having had the most festive season going, this has definitely been the least festive I’ve ever felt. Personally, anything Christmassy before December is a cardinal sin, not least because my birthday is the third week of November. I hate it, I don’t see the point, it weirds me out. That isn’t to say I hate the holidays, I just don’t get festive fever. Continue reading

[Fringe] ‘Showgurls’ & ‘360 All Stars’


2 0 1 9  E d i n b u r g h  F r i n g e  R e c a p
‘360 Allstars’
image of event

Returning to the Fringe after six years, 360 Allstars is a self-described urban circus of all things spinnable. Set against a multimedia backdrop of ever changing scenery, and the lyrical and musical composition of Beau Monga (X Factor NZ Winner 2015) and the multi-award winning Gene Peterson, five acts enter the spotlight to showcase their skills. A two-time world champion BMX flatlander; two world champion breakdancers; a basketball freestyle; a world record-holding roue cyr artist. A fusion of street culture meets street performance, when they come together to create some bizarre hybrid of all talents, that is when this team are their most alive. Continue reading

Still Alive (blog recap)

Well, it’s still Autumn. The days are even shorter, it’s colder,
but it’s no longer raining. Much.

So grab that duvet again, refill that brew, and let’s talk about something else: plans.

Blog ones. Maybe with some irl writing on the side, who knows? NaNoWriMo has arrived, and I’ve successfully missed it for the last two years – to break or not to break tradition, that is the question.

Yet why I’ve decided to return to blogging with work’s festive season ahead, I’ll never know. But it will be busy, and no plans is a bad plans plan. So here goes.

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Still Alive (hiatus recap)

No, you’re not seeing things.

This is an actual post from the actual Laidig. It’s ok, I don’t know what’s happening, either.

Right now, it’s the height of Scottish Autumn. The days are shorter, the temperature has dropped, and it’s currently pouring with rain. So grab a duvet, a hot drink, and let’s talk about the year that’s gone by.

It’s been an interesting (and unplanned) hiatus, and it was probably a long time coming. In a nutshell, it has been a chaotic year. Out of a nutshell… Continue reading