Part TWO of two.

I fell in love with theatre for one very simple reason: I adore fantasy. Fantasy alone is extremely theatrical, and since I have always been fascinated by stories (particularly other worldly ones) I suppose it was a given that I would continue to enjoy a different normality in theatre.

That is of course the child in me talking, who would give anything to ride a Winged N√Ęzgul through Middle Earth, kick Death Eaters to the curb with mad magic skills and a side of Alan Rickman, or take a trip through the galaxy on the Millennium Falcon. Maybe another time. And there is a point to this (slight) rambling.

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Part ONE of two.

I am in the middle of the read up for my dissertation, which will look into realistic female characters in crime television shows. One particular theme throughout all that I have read thus far stemmed a series of thoughts of my outlook on theatre, this blog being the first part: a progression of the detective from a superhuman solo figure to a teamwork ethos in search of realistic portrayals.

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Audience Engagement. Lets start at the beginning…

…as it’s a very good place to start.

For one of my university modules, we are asked to write a reflective blog and on one particular topic I found I could write about it endlessly: fundraising. Exciting, I know. In reality, however, it wasn’t fundraising I was discussing, rather a basic principle of a running theatre: audience engagement. And based on how immersed I became, I feel it is only fair to share it on a more public forum. Besides, I can get away with a lot more here and not worry about losing marks.

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