Part TWO of two.

I fell in love with theatre for one very simple reason: I adore fantasy. Fantasy alone is extremely theatrical, and since I have always been fascinated by stories (particularly other worldly ones) I suppose it was a given that I would continue to enjoy a different normality in theatre.

That is of course the child in me talking, who would give anything to ride a Winged Nâzgul through Middle Earth, kick Death Eaters to the curb with mad magic skills and a side of Alan Rickman, or take a trip through the galaxy on the Millennium Falcon. Maybe another time. And there is a point to this (slight) rambling.

When I was very small, I liked stories and I liked to dress up – Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz had the longest run. Standard childhood practice, and as a 22 year old theatre student not a lot has changed. (Thank God I went into theatre). My Nana loved music and would drag my Mum along to any shows that had music; my Mum loved the theatre and would take me to plays, musicals and operas (I emphasise ‘take’ over ‘drag’ because I was a happy child, my Mum apparently wasn’t). I didn’t need to understand the language or plot-line in order to follow it because the costume and the drama would be captivation enough.

The very notion of being able to completely transform yourself into another being, and be a part of another world, drew me to performance. It is only recently that I realise that in order for me to fully enjoy performing, I need a complete head-to-toe transformation. If the character is similar to me, i.e. a different dress and the same time period, I find it really difficult because I can’t see a change; I just see me. (Thank God I’m not a straight Actor in film or theatre).

I say all this because it is only in my final year that I can fully articulate what it is in theatre that I do and don’t like. Like I said in my previous entry, I go to the theatre to be entertained, not to see what is on my front door-step. The fantastical encompasses all generations, genders and, let’s face it, it is entertaining. And not a lot of it is seen in theatre these days, which is sad. Bar the circus and children’s shows, the only well-known theatre company I can immediately think of that is taking a form of the unreal anywhere is Cirque du Soleil. Ideally, when I have the money and people to do this with, I would love to take fantastical shows to theatres, something out of the ordinary.

Escapism over Recession lectures any day.


Part ONE. Realism

3 thoughts on “Fantasy.

  1. I have never really taken time to really THINK about the Theatre. I used to volunteer at a community theatre and it was wonderful but I left and now I am reading this and missing my old theatre days and wondering when I will get back to them. Thanks for the post it was wonderful!


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