Oh yeah, I have a blog.

3 blog entries; how abysmal. Since December I have been drowning in deadlines (why they put them all into the one week I will never know) and, simply put, this is the first bit of breathing space I’ve had since reaching said deadlines in January (ok, so I had my birthday in November, Christmas and had a week off after my hand ins, too). Unfortunately, other thoughts and tasks have begun to creep in:

Dissertation. Masters application. Building up a modelling portfolio. Maybe find the costumes first and then build up the portfolio. Create some characters. Assistant stage manage a showcase event and then realise, shit, you haven’t done any work for nearly a week.

However, every cloud: in my final semester I have a module that – despite its deadlines and slight odd criteria – is something I’m quite excited about. For the first time since third year I’m performing and doing group work, and I’ve been missing it so much. Paper assessments are so dull in comparison, and isn’t always the kind of creativity I enjoy. For example, one of my assessments was to create a website to market me and my work (writer, director, tech, company, etc). I really loved the whole realisation of an idea that has been bubbling around in my head since I was about twelve.

But. The website.

Words cannot describe the tedium and mundanity of working with Google Sites, especially when your university hasn’t activated all of its features. After the amount of time I spent trying to rearrange pictures and find ways of embedding a non-Youtube video (html, works a treat) I think I may have developed a stigma in both of my eyes.

…I digress.

I will talk more about how the group is going in time – currently, it isn’t since it is so embryonic. At the moment, my brain is so full it’s hard to know what to talk about.

For this particular Masters course I’m applying for I need to build a writer’s portfolio with extracts from all the playwriting I’ve ever done. Annoyingly, it requires some serious reconstructing of the first full-length play I’d ever written and boy does that hurt. It was about the individual emigration paths my great-grandparents took from Germany to Edinburgh. I’ll devote an entire post to it (see Once Upon A Time…), but the framework for the piece was essentially a timeline from them coming here to WWI, with a few flashbacks for fun. Based on what I produced for my second play, I can see so many flaws in what I created the first time and in order to showcase any of that in my Masters application I have a lot of work to do.

I always have a lot of work to do…


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