London Trip: Book of Mormon

Day TWO of two.

Who knew it could rain so much in London? Grey clouds, yes; drizzle, yes; pollution and bad smells, yes; continuous downpour, that’s a new one. After a lunchtime rendezvous with my boyfriend’s dad, beers, and a good number of hours in the hotel bar, we journeyed to the Prince of Wales Theatre to witness the spectacle that is the Book of Mormon. Long time fan of Parker and Stone, it really has just been a matter of time for them to make it to the stage. And it definitely lived up to the hype.
Prince of Wales Theatre, 2013

If someone wants to pay me to write about Parker and Stone, I’m game. If anyone knows anyone, by all means let me know (worth a shot, ha).

Warning: there are some swears in here.

They’ve always been that bridge between immaturity and moralistic; more of the “Do you see it yet?” clan than the intended offenders. It’s quite hard to talk about it in any great detail because it really was that good. It’s definitely surpassed the days of Trey on his keyboard (hilarious though they are and long may they continue). Long time fans will recognise elements of South Park episodes past – I swear Elder Cunningham is the live version of Kyle’s cousin (also called Kyle) – but even if you aren’t one of those fans, the style which the creators work in is incredibly inclusive. Where we were sitting, there was an elderly couple dolled up for a nice night out at the theatre in front of us. After the song ‘Hasa Diga Eebowai‘ (Fuck you, God), which eventually concludes with the words ‘Fuck you God in the cunt‘, they were cheering and clapping louder than most.

Example one of many.

It was a great night, I only wish I could put it into words. The closing number received a standing ovation and had everyone on their feet clapping and singing away. Normally not a fan of that horrendous audience clap to the beat, but this was worth joining in for.

Lastly, and a little off topic, please give this trailer a watch. It is for my second-last assessment of my degree (eek!) on the 26th March, calledSingularitarian. A lot of our piece relies on videos, and while I didn’t make this it has to be said:

I never knew that my degree would make me a video-editor.


Day ONE: One Man, Two Guvnors


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