It’s been a summer.

Warning: this is a very happy “everything is going surprisingly well” entry.

Boy this summer is a lively one!

After graduation, it seems a chain reaction of pretty decent events have been occurring for me, besides a much needed holiday of course. My home has been undergoing serious maintenance and freshening, so it has become a bit of an obstacle course when venturing between rooms. First things first, room redecoration.

The first of three red walls.

The first of three red walls.

The last time my room had anything done to it was about 6 years ago; time to shake things up a little. Still needing to deal with furniture, but the change was precisely that: a much needed change. I also finally got round to replacing the thorn bush outside my window (and other parts of the garden) with rose bushes. Simple pleasures, but I’ve been wanting to do that since I was 15.

Amid the various property renovations, I had concluded two things:

  1. Finish the MA application.
  2. Should I be successful, I need to develop a back catalogue of writing.

At that point, all I actually had were 2 full-length plays (the first spoken about here) and a handful of small scenes for previous assessments that are unlikely to go any further. So with the upcoming fortnight holiday, I decided to use that as my time to just bash out stuff. But before that, I had a production meeting and a readthrough to attend for the show I’m (now) DSMing and Sound Oping in the approaching Fringe Festival. Having met everyone and sorting out schedules, I could safely I was pretty excited for August.

I emailed the Edinburgh Mela Festival to apply for Artist Liaison (I now have an interview!) and then there was my graduation which was…2 hours in an auditorium, really. Our course were among the very few who seemed to be cheering for each other. It wasn’t a bad ceremony. To give you an indication of where I sat with it, when I ran out of people who I knew from other courses, I began cheering people based on how awesome their names were. There were some astounding African and Indian names, it was hard not to enjoy them, and there was even a girl called Rico; I had no choice but to cheer her.

Ok, so I’m a child at heart. Leave me alone.

To España! Almost. First, we had the Rolling Stones gig. It was a good night, although Jagger did looking like a glittering piece of tapestry from afar for a lot of the show. Best part of the gig for me was seeing Mick Taylor join them for a few numbers. Never been a Stones fan, however, he is a cracking musician.

And then we landed. Right on the coast of Herradura, blue sky every day, and incessant bird song. It was wonderful.

Not a lot happened. We did the tourist thing around Granada, which Mum had been wanting to do for a while, and for a country that has quite an active history and heritage, Granada’s seemed a bit…lack lustre. Alhambra – an incredible place, been there twice now. World Ski Championships in 1996 – I don’t really know where to place that. I think because I’m from, and live, in Edinburgh, a city where you fall over history on the way to the shops, I guess your expectations are always a little higher. Then again, I suppose history doesn’t always have to mean hundreds of years ago. Ok: the leaps between eras and legends were a bit too juxtaposed. However, we did find ourselves in the middle of the Procession of the Virgen El Carmen one crazy Tuesday night. I filmed and recorded some of the music and fireworks, which I’ll post another time, but what I can say was that the sights around the coast were incredible. Say what you like about the Catholics, they know how to party.

Adios, Herradura. Time to return to Edinburgh where the summer sunshine had disappeared moments before our arrival, and was replaced with a monsoon. But no time to complain. A flat clean up and goodbyes to flatmates, I had the first run-through to attend of The Gypsybird Speaks. Very impressive.

I then decide to treat myself to something I’ve been wanting for a good while.

"Don't [they] look good enough to eat?"  - The Joker, Arkham Asylum.

“Don’t [they] look good enough to eat?”
– The Joker, Arkham Asylum.

Only to return home and discover that Edinburgh Uni had given me an unconditional offer!

I am over the moon. All my hard work has paid off. Bring it on, summer!


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