And Then She Rested, & That Was Good

Edinburgh Mela Festival

As of yesterday (and it’s earlier than expected closure) the festival to end the other Festival is over. For a jump into something completely unchartered for me, it was a surprisingly good one, if brief. Friendly people, a wonderful festival, and very, very cold. A great place to get experience.

Edinburgh Mela Facebook Page, 2013.

Edinburgh Mela Facebook Page, 2013.

When off of shift I had one plan: look around the site, and see Star-Crossed. I only half succeeded. After a wander and some food, we ventured into the Dance Tent, primarily for warmth, and were greeted with the Dance Ihayami group performing One Good Turn. As we watched with awe, my mum turned to me and said Don’t you miss this?, referring to my days of ballet and breakdance. I looked back to the performance, and began to well up a little. Missing it doesn’t come close.

We then headed to the Main Stage (The Big Top) and found Dehli 2 Dublin playing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t think I’ve ever heard of what they describe as celtic punjabi electronica. Inventors of the above genre, it was a fierce set. The Canadian group had so much vigour, I don’t think I have the means with which to describe what happened during their performance. It was incredible.

We then made our way over to the Dance Tent with the hopes of seeing Star-Crossed, forgetting one monumentally huge and overseen flaw: a number of acts hadn’t arrived on the day, and thus the running of the programme had changed. Which I knew. Because I was the one checking the artists in. And I had promptly forgot.

In a nutshell, we caught the last five minutes their Capoeira and tango infused reimagination of Romeo and Juliet. I’m still very, very angry with myself for missing it. I even checked the bastards in! Stupid, stupid.

My reason for wanting to see them is because I only discovered Capoeira at the start of the year and entirely by accident. Ever since I began breakdancing, I had always said I would love to learn a style of dance that incorporates ballet, breakdance and backflips. Guess what Capoeira does. It’s a Brazillian martial art, and the art lies in the aim of not hitting each other. Ok, that’s a horrendous simplification, but all I can say is that it is beautiful, and I’m starting classes in the next fortnight (maybe).

Did you go? Have you ever heard of/done any Capoeira? Genuine question, I need to know how much pain I’m going to be in.



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