Let The Games Begin!

As of next week, my adventure as a postgraduate begins (although if you count the induction chat then technically it has already begun). Excited doesn’t cover it.

However, I have other reasons to be excited.

Exhibit A: my DC’s New 52 purchases. And those funky lines? Some unnecessary (but entirely necessary) 3D/hologram covers breaking the camera. Such a consumer. I was torn to get these, I’ll be honest. What with the whole uncomfortable debate about the female creators and character omissions, and as ever the gigantic breasticles out front, it was a hard decision. I mean if you want your readers to only see tits, how about manning up and showing them? Or better yet, just make a mountainous pair of breasts an actual thing. And we’ll call it: The Titillator. They won’t do much, just jiggle. …I have no idea where I’m going with this.

ComicsOn a more serious note, it’s also disheartening because it gives false hope to the big-breasted ladies of the world: no matter how big they are, you’ll always be able to run, jump and flip your way to victory – gimmie a break. I’m a C-cup and jumping for any length of time will begin to ache.


(Better reasons to be excited follow this one, honest).

Exhibit B: initiating the first (of hopefully many) costumes, and ideas, for upcoming photoshoots. Effectively it will be a visual comic strip, either a solo shot or 3-5 panels long showing superheroes/villains on their days off. And some characters I’m just creating for kicks.

CostumesExhibit C: the screenplay I’m developing. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty good (ego, anyone?) I kid, I actually have no idea how good it is. I like it, which is a start. However, I have come to the conclusion that a certain Mark Ruffalo is my muse, and that’s pretty irritating (male muses exist, right? Too late, they do. I’ve decided).

ScriptI blame him entirely for the creation of this script (and another to be written at a later date) because it means that should the fates collide and any studio/producer/magician pick it up, I will never have him as the lead. So damn you, sir, and your ways. Film is a whole other ball game that I only vaguely know the rules to, and I’d definitely need to work incredibly hard to get production contacts. Torment is what this is.

Actually, the photoshoots are what I am most looking forward to, simply because I have been wanting to do them since last year. Unfortunately time, costumes, time, makeup/paint and time were not on my side. The aim is to do a monthly shoot, which is now feasible (eek!), and hopefully a different character each time. Maybe. I have many I want to play around with, but currently I only have two that I could actually enact.

Let the games begin!


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