The Little Scribbles That Give You Away [2]

 It’s happened again. The notes return, this time in Martin Crimp’s ‘Attempts on Her Life‘.

On a hunch, I think these are the scribbles of a director working through their own ideas. Doesn’t stop them being funny, though.

These ‘seventeen scenarios for theatre’ exploded onto the stage at the Royal Court Theatre in 1997, journeying through, you guessed it, seventeen scenarios of this someone called Anne.

Character names have been stripped, a lack of conventional plot, and this Anne may or may not be physically present. She might not even be the same person per scenario. Since its premiere, it has been translated into more than twenty languages.

The thing I find hilarious about these scribbles is that they become increasingly more philosophical as the play goes on, as you can see.

My personal favourite? The closing picture. It’s not a scribble, but it’s damn good finisher.


2 thoughts on “The Little Scribbles That Give You Away [2]

    • Of all the work he’s done, Attempts is his most well-known so in the theatre-world, I’d wager yes. There was a movement (it’s arguably still going) tagged as “in-yer-face” theatre in the UK which embraced this play, although he apparently doesn’t appreciate the label (bloody writers).

      If anything, I’m more impressed that there is/was a director at my uni who considered doing this piece.


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