Summer To-Do List: Play

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely lady over at Living in the Moment made her very own summer to-do list, which prompted me to do the same. Except it took me a bit longer, because…reasons.

Anyway, it was actually incredibly helpful for a busy Laidig such as myself; the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I have a bit of a mountain to climb this summer. So I have decided to make a little series over the next few months, partly for myself, but mainly because right now, I just have a lot to do.

Now, don’t get too excited, but for the first time in a very long time, I actually have something to promote.

Easy, now.

The biggest to-do on my list is to finish this play. I have no choice on that one. Because if I don’t, there will be hell to pay from many, many places. I mean, it must be official because it’s on two websites and on Facebook; one for the venue, and one for the Fringe Festival’s programme.

“A pantomime dame takes a deep breath and steps onto the stage in one of Shakespeare’s most challenging roles.”

While my blurb is only marginally inaccurate – I have no idea which of the many roles would be the most challenging, nor do I intend to propose one – it does pretty much what it says on the tin. There will be Shakespeare. And there is a panto dame. There is also a panto horse, a conspiracy in the theatre world, and boy who’s name may or may not be Sue. Welcome to my current existence in amongst all the other items on my list:

Seven days remain to complete my first draft and, as it stands, I’m two scenes off of done. Or at least, in terms of the scenes I have planned so far. I’m already uncomfortably aware of the gaps in my story, but my inner editor is currently under nail and tether until I reach the end. And I will reach the end.

And move on to my next task.


2 thoughts on “Summer To-Do List: Play

  1. Best of luck to you on completing your draft…even though I’m just seeing this with approximately half of your time to complete it already having passed by.

    • If I hadn’t have been reminded twice yesterday by the person who will be grading the thing, I would’ve told you off instead for the reminder :) Thank you!


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