Summer To-Do List: Maintenance

Series. What’s on your list?

Next on my list is home maintenance. I currently live between homes, family cottage and term-time flat. As I am pseudo-land lord of both, I’m also one of the caretakers. Of both. It’s a hard life. Every summer, the flat is let out to Festival tenants high on the drug that is the Fringe, looking for their next hit comedy, theatre and all-round questionable art.

To-do List

So every summer, the flat needs some TLC (The Legendary Clean – legendary because it’s such a god-awful process no one should ever have to endure, let alone twice). Thing is, it’s getting more than a clean this year.

It’s not exactly an overhaul, revamp or 60 minute makeover, more an accumulation of little things that make a lengthy to-do list, as you can see.

Cleaning is still on the list, but that has to wait until all of this is resolved.

  • Close up the gaps through to the external wall. During the winds earlier in the year, I could feel a draught literally billowing through the kitchen, and for a while I thought something was up the window. Definitely wasn’t just the window.
  • Reseal kitchen counters.
  • Fix the blind so it no longer looks drunk.
  • Fit the new washing machine.
  • Sort the kitchen door handles. We have since discovered that, while securing it, we have no idea how the outer handle has been attached. Nor do we know how to remove it. We left it be and fixed everything else.

Meanwhile at the cottage, some sneaky so-and-so has been putting blue tape on our windows. It’s like they were sanding, repainting and fixing our windows or something…


3 thoughts on “Summer To-Do List: Maintenance

    1. Most parts appearing to function, with bits hanging off but holding on for dear life. Much like a drunk falling over.


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