Summer To-Do List: The Red Pen of Doom

Series. What’s on your list?

We all remember it. At school, it told us we need to try harder, this isn’t the right answer, and the nerve-racking “See me”.

However, at my school, I had a couple of teachers who liked to throw the cat among the pigeons and mark our work with a green pen, so bang went that theory pretty early on.

And yet the red pen of doom has struck my second (technically third) play draft. This week, we return to that part of the to-do list that will continue for the next month: the play. See how it blocks out words. Watch as it glides through white space, creating other and potentially better words. Observe it’s mighty form as reconstructs my storyline, just a wee bit.

Behold, the pen of doom!

Pen of Doom 3
I won’t lie, I might be going a touch loopy. There are so many things I would rather be doing right now, but my next deadline is looming at the end of the week like a dragon in a cave, in blurred vision at the back of my mind. I can see a dark shadow pacing back and forth, occasionally flames lighting the figure, and growling in anticipation.

I view it that way in the hope I can jolt myself into action, but I have to tell you, very little makes me panic. I find if I talk myself into it, it’s slightly (slightly) easier to convince myself that, actually, I really do need to start work.



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