Summer To-Do List: Windows

Series. What’s on your list?

I was going to make a pun (albeit a terrible one) out of Original Prankster with Original Sash, but I struggled. And in that struggle, I just listened to the song instead – a much better idea in the end.

At Chez Laidig (& co.) the next stage of work was completed: the front windows. Admittedly, the blue taping fiend from the cottage didn’t make it to the flat, but the spirit of it did. They were in bad shape, and since Scotland has become positively tropical this summer, ample opportunity was granted to get most of the job done.

Sand ’em. Harden ’em. Fill ’em. Paint ’em.

Four days, four single pane window casings and a double window casing later, the front three rooms of Chez Laidig no longer look haggard. Three rooms remain, but they will have to wait until the end of summer.

Unfortunately, we’ve since discovered that more work is required on the windows themselves – the seals that hold the panes in place have come away on a couple of them, there’s a tiny crack in two windows, and most need to be rehung as some of the weights have disappeared into the magical land behind the wall panels.

There’s only so much this Laidig and her band of merry men (well, two) can do before professionals are requested. But, this was a labour of love, and I almost wish I was kidding about how happy I am to have white windows again. Almost.



Edit: Laidig has currently taken up residence in a flat that has no internet, which makes the next month a little tricky, if for no other reason than basic communication for the ensuing reading at the Fringe.

(For more details, cast your eyes here).

Prepare for sporadic posting – the Fringe is coming.

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