Yay, Nay, Haggis Away

The country is at breaking point. News outlets are falling over themselves to report on it: with facts, without facts, made up facts and insults.

Stickers in the windows, on the windows, on buildings, billboards, vehicles, on the kids, on the dog, virtual stickers, virtual double stickers (obviously you’re more for it than the people with just one, ha!) – because, let’s face it, if your voting intentions aren’t on display, how will people know?

Reportedly, families are disowning relatives, marriages are signing divorce papers, and long-term friends (animal kingdom included) are turning on each other. Even politicians are leaving their jobs to do their job (albeit about a year minimum too late – seriously, Scots are years into this, and they wait until the week before the vote? Really?).

And all this in the name of a supposedly healthy debate. I give you:

I made it blue. Y'know, because Scotland's flag is blue. Get it? Never mind.

I made it blue. Y’know, because Scotland’s flag is blue. Get it? Never mind.

(The reboot).

(minus Will Smith).

(considerably more tartan).

(less pyrotechnics; outcome dependent).


In the last few months the independence propaganda, good and bad, has ramped up a fair pace, and my biggest problem lies in the murky depths of my news feed (and no doubt elsewhere). So much so, it made me write this, and I really didn’t want to. It’s ok, we’ll get through this together.

For the first time in the Union’s history, we have the opportunity to decide on Scotland’s future without war and unnecessary bloodshed on Thursday. With around 97% of the population registered to vote, and should they all chose to use it, this is the closest we will come to the concept of true democracy. And yet there are people who have the sheer audacity to make it about them as an individual. My feed has been littered with ‘delete if you think X‘, ‘un-friend me if Y‘, ‘if you vote Y/N, you must be Z‘ – really?

An event as large as this, able to affect an entire nation and another 3, engaging people on a level that the British Isles have not seen for many years and, not least, a country (among others) that has gone unspoken in Westminster since the decision to take Scotland for themselves… But if you vote yes or no, then we should no longer be friends, because it is so obviously about our (evidently piss poor) friendship. No really, Salmond and Cameron are invested on whether or not we’ll still be on speaking terms and going uptown Saturday.

Sing Nay, scream Yay from the rooftops for all I care. What is undeniable, regardless of the outcome, is the level of engagement this has generated, from the little grannies and grandads at the bus stop, to the teenagers hogging the playparks as their domain in the evenings. Hell, it’s forced me to write this – me, a person who detests this sort of stuff at an intensity burning with the fire a thousand suns (name the reference).

But people have forgotten that it is no longer about just you. It is so, so much more. Most of us have been able to air our opinions in a safe environment, something that is no doubt envied by countries where freedom of speech against the norm is upon pain of death and violence. Yay or Nay, we’ve already started the journey to change.

Anyway, there’s apparently “no going back“, which is funny…

What number will this separation make it now…?


2 thoughts on “Yay, Nay, Haggis Away

  1. So all I’ve been seeing on Twitter lately (I don’t have Facebook and haven’t for two years) is my American friends screaming about how Scotland shouldn’t be allowed to be independent from the UK. Throwing aside my personal opinion, doesn’t it seem a bit odd that Americans of all people would say that a country has no right to break away from the UK?

    • It’s more than odd – it’s hilarious. History lessons, anyone?

      Last night did go a bit weird: there was a guy from Papua New Guinea in full tribal garb in the middle of Orkney last night, and no one explained why. I still don’t know why he was there!


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