A:YM | It’s All Been (almost) Done

I think I’m suffering from writer’s block.

Not the creative kind, I just feel like I’ve run out of interesting things to say on here. Interesting things have happened, in plentiful supply, and don’t appear to be letting up any time soon.

My playwriting masters ended at August’s close, and I have just over a month before graduation #2. The plan had always been to use the time in between to do something, anything, that didn’t involve a script (I would’ve said writing, but blog). Then come January, I’ll consider something vaguely akin to work. Maybe.

Joker blazer found in the depths of a TkMaxx, are you ready?
Joker blazer found in a TkMaxx, are you ready?

It’s quite a peculiar feeling. This year marks the end of my academic career (never say never, but I remain unconvinced about a PhD route). Nearly twenty years have passed in that department – a four month break isn’t much to ask. Admittedly, circumstance has played a huge part in that decision. Chez Laidig is undergoing a level of maintenance that requires minimal distraction. With people moving out, moving back in, and yet another general emptying of possessions, it’s all hands on deck, and my memory is suffering for it.

*Despite having a list telling me all the things I need to do, there are so many things I forget. It’s like OCD, only you don’t remember everything. Ok, it’s nothing like OCD.


Hallowe'en storyboard starring the two guys from the previous post, are you ready?
Hallowe’en storyboard starring the two guys from the previous post, are you ready?

With items continuously falling by the wayside, I realised I had been neglecting the site and, to an extent, it’s online presence. (I’d also completely forgotten I’d signed up to Blogging 201 for a second round, and setting goals is the first task. It’s like fate or something). So some of you may have noticed a new follower on your Twitter pages (surprise!). Yup, goal #1** saw me take the reluctant leap of faith: @laidigsbroadway is alive and well. Goals #2 and 3… Anyway, come make me feel wanted, I’m needy.


*If you have never watched the fine UK television series that is Gladiators (not the reboot), forgive me for the reference in the captions. If you have, forgive me for the obscurity of the reference. I have no idea where it came from.

**Ok, so I actually set up the account before 201 arrived, but it still counts. Shut up, it does!

4 thoughts on “A:YM | It’s All Been (almost) Done

  1. Bummer, I feel I have run out of things to write about, too. But I am sure that soon enough something will prop up. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Hope you will follow my blog, as will follow you now. 🙂


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