A:YM | Hallowe’en is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat

With the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo rolling through the glens of Haggisland, there is very a real possibility that the twister scene from Wizard of Oz will come true, and Chez Laidig will disappear into the atmos.

Or, much like it’s windy-comrade of 2011 – Hurricane Bawbag (lovingly renamed from Friedhelm by the Scottish population) – it might decide to practice tree surgery on several pines at the front of our house and block the country road until someone wakes up. What a bawbag.*

But inside Chez Laidig, a much darker and spookier season has begun. Amid the turmoil of possessions and hyperactive animals, new creatures continue to evolve from the dust and animal hair ashes. Day by day they grow, each more goofier than the next. Soon, they will cover, overwhelm and dwarf the surfaces they sit upon. The mantlepiece and fire will be obscured, coffee tables and window sills hidden, and surprise creatures appearing in places you would never expect (for example, something you might sit or sleep on). This can only mean one thing.

An army has risen.

Hallowe’en is coming.

*Other fun baw-related stories: that time Weetabix didn’t realise what naming a character Big Baws could also mean (at least, in Scotland).

9 thoughts on “A:YM | Hallowe’en is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat

    1. And so you should – he was an accidental epiphany 🙂 I’ve since had another for Hermes, but that’s a Christmas gift for the same friend to go with his Fry and Leila figurines. I can almost 100% guarantee he will have forgotten about the idea until I give this to him.

      1. I’m jealous of your friend. I want all of the Futurama things ever.

      2. I’m sure green looks wonderful on you. For an idea of scale, these guys come out around 5 inches tall, few inches wide. I know you love your minimalism, so are you sure you have the space for such an army?

      3. I prefer black to green, however I am quite fetching in green when I decide to wear that particular color. While I am a minimalist, I would argue that such a tiny army would be just minimal enough based off of the size you stated on a character by character basis.


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