Jolly Baubles | A New Series

December has arrived, and the Christmas season can now finally begi – what? It’s already started?

It started over a week ago? There were stores starting a month ago? Oh.


Well, in this house, the season can now begin. There’s something about having a birthday in the closing weeks of November that makes it hard to start any sooner – every birthday since my 16th has lasted minimum a fortnight. The longest took us into January.

Now, I may have been on a little hiatus (try a few weeks, idiot) however, something is now in the works. With submissions submitted, graduations graduated, a room redecoration and refurbishment half complete (but enough to sleep in), and a wardrobe bought, its predecessor sold and removal due in a few days time, creative projects can resume.

It’s been four months, meaning my break is up (remember?). Truth be told, it didn’t feel like a break. I have no idea where the months have gone. I only know I had a birthday because the presents are still on the sofa, and Batman Lego 3 is still in its console and nearly finished.

Moving on. Remember these guys?

Well, the collection is actually a little more vast than I might have led you to believe. As I never had the chance to properly start the Hallowe’en videos (poor storyboards), and a cheeky holiday waiting around the corner, time to adopt, adapt and improve (motto of The Round Table).

Every five days, I will release a short video, with the little skeleton couple searching for the holidays around a spooky old house in the country. Each video will be based on the five characters/symbols coming from my advent calendar, starting with these guys. It’s a festive series, but not as we know it. The countdown begins…

Just one snag in the plan: I have no title(s). Thoughts?

See you on Friday (hopefully)!

 Doing a Christmas series on here/elsewhere?
Let’s adventure together, or come play with me on twitter!

EDIT: Prepare for Double Whammy Wednesday. I wish broken boilers on no one.

12 thoughts on “Jolly Baubles | A New Series

  1. Welcome back! I didn’t realize I’d missed you until I saw you in my inbox. I know, I know, a tight squeeze – in more ways than one. So I’m doing a “Christmas Series” only here it’s called Advent. And it’s on another site. And you have to be ready to be spiritual…. I know I know. But it’s the season.

  2. I’m quite excited to see what you do with these characters. Unfortunately, I don’t have a title idea, however I can try to think of one.

      1. I’m going to assume one of them is not FAKE GOLDFISH

      2. Unless a (not) fish manifests out of the advent calendar for the first time since getting the thing, probably not 😦

  3. Reblogged this on Laidig's Broadway and commented:

    Hey guys, I’m really sorry for the delay. More than aware the series is yet to start – I had a surprise attack of stuff happen within a couple of days, the biggest attacks being a broken boiler (currently waiting on our fourth visit) and a video software problem (the kind that doesn’t software videos, very helpful).

    Day two (Wednesday) will be double video day, if I can’t get Day One up before then. Please forgive me – I wish broken boilers on no one!

  4. Cute characters! I have had the drama of a broken boiler two months ago. It’s imprinted on my mind – we had 4 blow heaters on full pelt and still needed sleeping bags in the living room to watch TV in any comfort! Hope it’s on its way to warmth for you.

    1. Thank you!

      That sounds horrendous. Well thankfully we have our coal stove, and the plumber conducted some sort of magic on the drainpipes giving us heat and working hot water in the meantime. Here’s hoping.

      Also thank you for the mention, very kind of you 🙂


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