Jolly Baubles | Festive Hollow – Pumpkin

Path blocked, their attention is diverted towards the kitchen.

Skelley had often wondered what happened to Hallowe’en spirits when the Christmas critters arrive. Did they merge, their spirits entwine, and thus a holiday of their own creation begin, or would they simply disappear until next All Hallow’s Eve?

Yes, Skelley often wondered about these things. Tony, however, had not. The darkness scared him. Daylight scared him (shadows are not always of this world). He wasn’t sure where vampires holding candles stood in his spectrum of scariness – perhaps a middling “eerie“. But, they had made it this far. Perhaps this was a friendly house.

An oven hums, its light drawing the adventurers in. Maybe, just maybe, this was a friendly house.

Creator, Designer, Director & Camerawizard:
Yours truly

Beyond the Ticking Room
G. Wilson

(Check him out. Wonderfully talented. Maybe if more people listen, he’ll go back to finishing songs…)

Character Patterns:
(Let her know on twitter!)

Final video inbound: 5 days and counting.

P.S. Who knew a crocheted Hallowe’en pumpkin could be baked into Christmas cupcakes? Last minute genius that is. And very festive, if I may say so myself.

13 thoughts on “Jolly Baubles | Festive Hollow – Pumpkin

  1. I’m fairly sure the baubles just got turned into cupcakes via black magic.

      1. I’m only 93% certain. So you get your wish and have some uncertainty from me.

      2. I can feign greater uncertainty if it would amuse you.

      3. I’ve been there for a very, very long time. No harm in helping to keep me there.

      4. I’ve never considered a job in crisis management… May need to rethink some career plans, brb.

      5. Back. I’m thinking part-time could work, primarily to avoid initiating my own crisis in the face of others.

  2. What a fantastic animation. Your camera angles were superb, along with the background music (timed perfectly) and the lighting was amazing, too –I could see the full effect of choosing that particular lighting, as it added more depth to the atmosphere.

    1. If only you could’ve seen the contortion acts I was pulling… It’s probably best I was doing this segment alone, ha.

      I’m with you on the timing thing – weird, right? I’d love to say it was down to sheer skill, and not coincidence, but I’m a terrible liar. And yes, who needs lighting rigs when you have an oven 🙂 Thank you for watching!

      (Also, I swear I’m not spamming your notifications, just working my way through them 🙂 ).


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