Jolly Baubles | Festive Hollow – The Morning After


Bells? In Festive Hollow? Surely Santa doesn’t live here, too.

Where will the jingle take them, what is it that resides in the Grand Chamber of this place?

Creator, Designer, Director & Camerawizard:
Yours truly

Beyond the Ticking Room
G. Wilson

Character Patterns:

To watch the full series, see parts one, two, three and four, or view the playlist (if you’re on vimeo, come play, too!).

Well well, Skelleys and Tonys, that is the end.
Or is it? Until next year. Holiday. Something.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-series, and many thank yous for indulging my experiment. I wanted to do something that was silly, vaguely festive, but wasn’t full of sickening “Christmas cheer” (largely because I’m Scottish, and we’re not very…commercial). Having had a weird (and at times shite) end to this year, this was a very handy form of escapism.

Let me know which one you enjoyed the most!
I’d love to do another series at some point in the New Year.

5 thoughts on “Jolly Baubles | Festive Hollow – The Morning After

  1. That seems like an absurdly wild party to finish things off with. But then again, what else are you going to do on Christmas?

      1. The oven was more supernatural than absurd. I view this party as the kind where you wake up wearing someone else’s clothes and you’re unsure if that made it a good or bad night. I’ve never had one of those personally, however I hear they’re great.

      2. Of course you haven’t *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

        I think I caused a brain implosion; a friend of mine couldn’t decide if the main characters sleeping inside the orange lantern guys also meant they were sleeping together. I chose to neither confirm or deny it.

      3. I’m a terribly innocent individual who has not had an exciting life. It’s quite sad really. Never had a true university experience as I was too busy graduating.

        I originally thought the same thing as your friend. I’m inclined to agree with their thoughts.


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