Daily Chamonix | Snow Dance

Laidig's Broadway - SD

Another day of more of the same, and all through the valley the same question ricochets from everyone’s lips: where is the snow? Continue reading

Daily Chamonix | Caged Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like a caged panda surrounded by pine trees, some of which are fake. You do you, Chamonix, y’weirdos.

Laidig's Broadway - Oops

I don’t get it either. Anyway. I did this really smart thing where I lost my camera charger, and didn’t think to buy one to replace it before going somewhere involving mountains and landscapes and skies and photogenic stuff. What does this mean? Making do with phone pictures, I’m afraid.  This whole one hour’s sleep for twenty hours activity, including my final silks class, is not recommended. I passed out on the shuttle, and I’ve already fallen asleep in the bath. Twice. And then in a bath robe. The glamorous life I lead.

And why Daily Chamonix? Well, to be honest, I’ve been planning to do a week of daily posting for about a month now, but November sort of exploded and killed the momentum. Then this week happened, and it just seemed like the right time to do it. Let’s see where it takes us!

(I actually wanted to finish my Salobreña series first, then Croatia, and share this trip after those, but guess who doesn’t have access to the remaining photos out here… France it is!)