For Auld Lang Syne & Broken Mirrors

Happy Hogmanay my fellow lairds, ladies and loiterers. I hope yours was spent the way you wanted, with people you like, and a bevvy taken to your taste. How did I spend mine, you ask?

I broke a mirror while trying to hide from someone, trapped a nerve in my neck, and stubbed the same toe 4 times. I think I can safely bet that your year is off to a much better start. Now for the thank yous.

2014 thank you
120 views off, to be exact. How did you guys do this? Thank you!

Thaaaaaaaank you. Fellow readers and occasional visitors, you have helped me reach a vague target I set last year. The view count*, however, just happens to be something I noticed and felt like sharing. (Just me who thought it was interesting? Ok). I am no numbers nut, but to say I’m humbled would be an understatement.

Now, resolutions are not my bag – if I held myself to account any more than I already do, I imagine my personality would splinter, and spend the rest of its existence arguing who was more transparent about eating the last Rolo.

I am, however, up for doing things.

From new things to repeats to extensions of old things, I’m game for all. I have also noticed that, despite my Summer and Autumn efforts, the longer the to-do list, the less likely I am to complete them all (time being the biggest factor). So, with all that being said…

• I’m making a concerted effort to refocus my Monday posts back to theatre, honest,
I’m adding a second posting day, to happen bi-weekly,
• Create a blogroll of other theatrey types (more on that later, too),
• Set a new monthly viewer count,
• Double follower count**
• Double followed count** (see what I did there?).

The last four months were a little tricky to keep focus on Monday posts. Other than having to contend with a messy break up in Chez Laidig (not mine), I’m no longer part of the university machine. Now I have to be a big Laidig and work for myself. It’s just not fair! So for the old (and new) members of the Laidig clan, welcome back!

What about you? Are you a resolution fan, or are you already…um…resolved?


* For the nosey among you, 2013 saw 1073 views. 2014 saw 3095.
** WordPress followers, not twitter. Not enough clicks to convince me.

7 thoughts on “For Auld Lang Syne & Broken Mirrors

  1. I completely screwed up my version of this by making my blog private in November. Instead of nice big numbers, WordPress assumed it was my first year blogging. It amused me greatly.

    Congratulations to you either way though!


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