I promised to share more of the story last time (read: pictures), so here we go.

In the grand scheme of things, the last six months or so have been pleasant. I finished my Masters, I graduated, my life and home received some much needed tlc and, at the top of 2015, I made a series of commitments: to myself, this blog, and work. So far, so good.

Laidig's Broadway - Chinaillion 1In amongst all of that, however, there has been and continues to be a dark cloud, hovering. For a while, it poured everything it had on whatever it could find. The torrent became a drizzle, the drizzle droplets, and eventually air. Days and weeks would pass, and nothing would happen. The occasional nuisance shower here and there, but the storm would calm once more…until the next time.

Laidig's Broadway - Chinaillion 2Laidig's Broadway - Bye bye, ChinaillionBored of the metaphor yet? Thing is, I say storm. But the cloud should be so lucky to rock anything more than the teacup in which it resides. And yet after six months, it is almost like the dark cloud is reverting to its old tricks and self-fulfilling misery – what a shame that it is the only one that cares and wants to play the game.

Mix all of the pleasant with all of that not-so-pleasant, a runaway passport, and a passion for powder…

Laidig's Broadway - ChinaillionMan, do I feel a lot better. Bye bye, little rain cloud.


One thought on “Peak(s)

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