Cheshire Cat

Most everyone’s mad here. You may have noticed, I’m not all there myself

Literally. I’ve been out of the mix for a while, only taking a dip in a cheeky photo challenge or two to touch base. As most projects have either concluded/postponed themselves, or trips to the theatah drying up because monies (no longer being a student is settling in), I haven’t had a lot to talk about on the site. (That is, content that fits the site. I’m not that dull).

Laidig's Broadway - Cheshire Cat

Truth be told, I’ve been holed up indoors until last Thursday since the final week of March. Rewind several months to December past. Having spent four months doing to my absolute darndest to avoid any type of writing for the stage, I decided it was time to redraft, rewrite and revamp what scripts I had in preparation for the following year, and its foreboding submission deadlines. I was adamant that I will never write another script until I have a few decent ones in the bank (read: redrafting those that I do have to an acceptable standard worthy of submitting). However, deciding is one thing. Doing is another. I did not do the do. I did other dos. Important dos, but not the planned ones.

Along came January. Then February. Pages of submission deadlines, competitions, and job queries to investigate further, but still the do was not did…done. Something. Then the 22nd March arrived. Four deadlines in twelve days – 30th, 31st, 2nd – and only one of the three scripts was halfway through its third ever redraft, and one of them I’d originally had no intention of ever using again. In fact, I actually thought it’d be four scripts to overhaul, but I decided to go easy on myself and just use the three. Man, I’m smart.

Now that I am out the other side, and Disney themed birthday bash out of the way, I can safely say at least two of the three scripts worked out well. I seriously rushed the ending of one (submitted five minutes before the deadline, get in), but hey, that’s what you get when the majority of a piece you never planned to use again was removed and rewritten from scratch in less than twenty-four hours.

But now, I must focus my attention elsewhere. The site‘s construction has taken substantially longer than it should’ve, largely because I’ve been a little scatterbrained since the new year. I also have a class to try out, a double-weekend course to book, an artists’ meet up to attend (the event organised by an ex-coursemate) and, of course, some content to throw at you come Thursday. (That last one is obviously the more important, right? I thought so). Above all else, this will all be done in less than three weeks. Why?

Laidig’s off to Chicago, seeking friendly theatre-types to meet up with. Strings optional.

(But really, if you know anyone, let me know).


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