[mask] Chaos

Harley Laidig's Broadway - Harley #1

I walk from room to room, the corridors of the establishment I am assigned “employee”. I often wonder if this is all there is to my existence, if I deserve more.

I leave for home. My sanctuary, safe and warm, cordoned off from reality. God forbid I think outside my comfort zone. A nomad sits between the alley’s entrance and my building’s stair. No one in this city is to be trusted, cardboard sign or no.

The television is our world’s way to connect with reality, and distance ourselves from it all at the same time. Another riot, rape, murder – sometimes it’s hundreds of miles away but, more often than not, it’s less than a block. So we change the channel, and escape into fiction. My personal favourite? Crime. Why?

Because it is the biggest lie to date,
and we all buy into it.

The police, the crime labs, any form of authority, and the script says to root for them. We like the cop that plays by the books, we love it when they don’t, and the bad guys are just plain bad guys. Sometimes it was for a good cause, but in that interview room, it is judgement day, and boy are we eager to judge.

But in reality, all we want is for the system to work. These shows are designed to instil confidence, faith, interest in the serving of justice where it is needed. And yet all I see when I flick between reality and fiction is a void. A void for chaos.

Just a little bit. Shouldn’t hurt. Much.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Essentially, I’m playing with mask ideas inspired by comic-book characters, so welcome the first of several. This week is Harley Quinn #1. The mask and the story, however, are not related. I am in no way adding to or adapting the DC canon. Promise.

One thought on “[mask] Chaos

  1. I do like the mask you did. It’s definitely an interesting story and concept to consider, independent if they’re related in any way.


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