Accidental Borealis

Things I did not know until this overnight flight home to Scotland: borealis occurs all year, but it takes something with a more expansive spectrum (read: camera) to see it. Which is why we don’t, until that special time of year when it fluctuates. The more you know, huh? Talk about vivid.

I had planned to save this gem for a bit, as it is one of many incredible pictures I took during my trek through the Midwest. Expect to see it again. I have stories.

Laidig's Broadway - Vivid

Maybe it’s Interstellar messing with my head, but this is what space travel looks like, right?

14 thoughts on “Accidental Borealis

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  2. Thank you!!!! I’ve been, IDK, weird lately and also did this day of I-am totally-off-electronics-and books-and while-I’m-at it-may-as-well-take-a-vow-of-silence thing. I have since, however, seen another post that I am going to read tout suite. Is that French for right the fuck now? xo

  3. PS God! IDK what I am doing in your house but every time you ask me I slide down the wall laughing!

  4. Wait…you took this in the USA? I’ve never seen this in the Midwest and I’ve lived there nearly all of my life 😦

    • Nooo. Well, maybe? If you’re in the air, does it still count as “in”? This was the flight home from my MW trek, so we might have been at the edges of Canadia, possibly nearer Greenlandia. I wouldn’t fret 🙂 I’m sure if you go to the tippity-tipmost point of Michigan, up hill with no light-pollution, you’d succeed, provided it was that time of the year.

      The difference with this was that I couldn’t actually see the green haze, only my camera could. I genuinely thought it was broken, until I realised it was happening on every picture.

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