Summer is Coming

Summer is inbound, meaning only one thing: festivals, in all shapes and sizes. But because this is Edinburgh, it narrows down the market to the big four: the International Film Festival, the International Festival, the Book Festival and, of course, the Fringe.

(There are plenty of festivals in Edinburgh, these just happen to be the big ‘uns).

Six days remain of the EIFF, but so far, I haven’t spent it in any cinema or at a screening. Youth Hub is essentially an events deal running for the length of the festival for 16-26 year olds, predominately held in Argyle House (a building I know, but have never known what it did. There’s a lot of places like that, here). Seeing as I’m a theatre kid, it’s not surprising that this is the first I’ve ever heard of the Hub.

Among the first week’s batch of events was the Careers Advice session on Saturday past, with many an interesting guest in toe. In the first hour, BAFTA Scotland, Independent Cinema Office and Creative Skillset were on the panel taking questions. Then a speed-date a bigamist can only dream of: one artist per table, ten minutes on the clock. The artists: Annie Griffin (writer and director), Timo Langer (editor and director), Martin McCardie (actor and writer), Simon Vickery (director of photography), and David Elliot (actor and director).

It was a great day, lots of information and, fundamentally, great chat with the artists there. Plenty more to come in the final week, three of which I’m thoroughly looking forward to: a screenwriting workshop with Screen Education Edinburgh, a synopsis and pitch workshop with Napier University, and a cinematography masterclass with Seamus McGarvey and Haskell Wexler.

And to think, come summer time, most of Edinburgh move out when the arts move in…



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