All music but no stereo and boogie space makes Laidig sad.

Inspiration would be all music and stereo and boogie space, but alas, eight months on with the room refurb and still no luck. I may or may not be going slightly doolally.

Inspiration - Waste of MindMore to follow on why this is my current inspiration, but this is the “album of choice” – my “go to tunage”, if you will. In general, music inspires me to move and tingle a little. As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s theraputic for me. It clears my mind, tires my body, and makes me feel fandabbydosy all round. (Singing works the same, too). And for the last month, Waste of Mind has been doing the trick in all the right places. The drawback is that it does sweet f.a. for my creativity and I don’t know why (music, that is, not the album. There is no drawback to ZH). I am in no way a music maker, choroegrapher, or lyricist. The work I’m currently creating does not call for any of those. But the work I want to do sorta, maybe, kinda does. Sadly, one does not have the staff (it’s a hard life). Maybe in time

(Perhaps my next inspiration-based post will see a picture of a boogie space and stereo. A Laidig can dream).


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