Henning Wehn & ‘Aspects of Joy’

Henning Wehn – Eins, Zwei, DIY

Seeing more shows than I can recount means my usual Fringe Mondays and Thursdays have changed to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays just to keep up – and that’s only if I remember them all.

So it seems fitting that the need for logic and order sprung to mind during Henning’s gig at the Queen’s Hall – or am I just fulfilling the Deutsch stereotype? (I’m a Scottish-German rocking a German last (and first) name, I’m allowed, right?).

The first time I’d seen any of his stand up, his schtick was utilising the world’s many stereotypes of Germany to their fullest potential – he enters with a stopwatch around his neck, saying “We’re here to have a good time”. *click* “Ok, now the fun can begin”. Since then, his public profile has grown, gaining him more air time and TV spots. The impact: less stereotyping, more observational.

I enjoyed the show, but it is definitely a weird one. The direction his material has taken seems to echo a bygone era of end-of-the-pier comedy, except now it’s coming from a German Londoner. If he’d uttered “My mother in law…”, I wouldn’t have been surprised. All that being said, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a successful mortgage and London housing price routine, let alone seen one, and after this night I doubt I ever will again.

Eins, Zwei, DIY‘ at Queen’s Hall

Aspects of Joy

Version 2Onto another and more recent comedy gig (say, yesterday afternoon), directed by a friend I haven’t seen in years, and successfully did not manage to see again after the show as planned. So maybe that Henning-logic thing didn’t rub off on me like I had hoped…

A tale of overcoming difficult obstacles in her life through the emotion Joy – ranging from adoption blues, to bullying, to whether or not she will ever be a mermaid (she did, don’t worry) – are woven together in a blend of stand up and small physical skits. I’m not sure many people can say they’ve watched a woman in a tutu, on blocks, force a beardy man to eat a banana during a flute number.

It’s free, it’s silly, it’s blunt, and I did have to wipe away tears of a laughter.

Aspects of Joy‘ at Hispaniola, Drummond Street



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