The Animotion Show

Annoying festivalgoers volume #3…

In this fusion of live sound and image creation projected onto a school building that, unless you don’t come from the city, is already renowned for being architecturally gorgeous, it was at times quite a hypnotic experience. Pictures form in front of you from all corners of the canvas; sometimes you notice the music, other times you don’t. Standing at the back gave you a 2D image, but at the front and slightly to the side it became 3D, as you followed the outline of the building to the rooftops and turrets.

One of my biggest problems with the show was a little bit like Circa’s Close Up – there is no denying the talent and skill, rather a case of unfinished execution. We’re given some historical background, a context, and a brief history of how Heriot’s came to be (though like I said, if you’re from the city, you might have a bit to say about it). That’s all fine and well if the next hour follows the ante, but it doesn’t. The whole artistry of the evening was wonderful, but it didn’t follow a story, an exploration of William Wallace’s decision to design the building’s architecture, nothing.

Then there was the fact that, for all the syncing between painter and player, there were times where the projects dragged for far longer than the eventual payoff. The second-last piece took twenty minutes, most of which was spent either finessing dots of paint, or rumbling on the drums that were so inaudible, when the fireworks went off for the Tattoo (situated directly behind the school) people left. On the one hand: bad audience etiquette; on the other: the show clearly wasn’t engaging enough by this point.

But on top of that, once this particular image had concluded (the furthest right), and with mere minutes to spare, they did one final piece. Perhaps it’s just me, but following a piece you’ve devoted so much time to with an image that took a minute to do seems backwards. Overall, the evening was an otherwise visually stunning and fascinating concept – a final polish would take it to the next level.

The Animotion Show at George Heriot’s School Quadrangle



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