[mono]Chrome This

I think I’m going to have to dedicate a section to travel photography on this site, despite not being a travel photographer.

Or a photographer. And this is the most travelling I’ve done in a while. And this site isn’t about travel or photography. But, it’s first to be doing it all with a decent camera, so swings and roundabouts. Either way, it’s between Nerja Caves or Alhambra for this week’s photo challenge.

I’m still fairly new to the weekly photo challenge on here – first dip into the challenge’s pool was late February of this year. I wouldn’t say I’m a regular, but if I think I have something that fits, I either make it happen on the day or, like today, I work back through the mammothload of shots I now seem to have backing up.

As I flicked through my growing collection to see if it was possible to have anything that resembled monochrome, I realised how unbelievably behind/lazy I’ve been with these shots. My Chicago recap still has another two posts to go, and there are still three other trips (one of which I’m currently on) to discuss/empty my mind over. I’m not sure I even remember what the hell happened up the mountain on the first trip this year… All I remember was taking this picture (the first photo challenge, too), and then these.

Hope you like year-old stories! (Not that you have a choice…)

10 thoughts on “[mono]Chrome This

      1. I’ve been there, though it’s been nearly 10 years now. While it wasn’t my favorite place to visit when I was in Spain, it was in the top three.

      2. Granada isn’t really my kind of city – I much prefer the coastal towns, less Brits – but for a day or so I like it. That being said, there’s a wacky part in the centre where the architecture of some of the buildings are a blend of Islamic and Spanish that jump out of nowhere. It lasts a few blocks, but it’s stunning.

        Did you ever do the bus tour? Normally not something I do, but I did it for the first time a couple of years ago (we had half an hour left in the city) and it was wonderfully and hilariously ill-prepared.

      3. I did a bus tour of Barcelona when we were there, but I didn’t find it terribly interesting. My favorite city to go to by far was Santander — though I think that was because I got to explore by myself.


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