Encore #1

Event time. Ready, set, go.

We can all remember the worst show we’ve seen. So why are the better ones harder to recall?

Well, rather than endeavour to find the answer, I took a shortcut and asked people to simply try. Read on and enjoy!

“…Two years ago, my best friend and I went on a school trip to NYC and one of the shows we were going to see was Aladdin. I’m not much of a Disney fan so I didn’t really know the story, but I was excited because BROADWAY!

And it was just magical. The best part was the flying carpet because it really flew on the stage and I spent the whole time trying to figure how it did so, as I couldn’t see any strings or anything. Afterwards I think we found out it was like a big hover board, which was really cool. But it just captivated me and my best friend. Both of us just starred in amazement as we watched this actual flying carpet and heard these amazing voices sing ‘A Whole New World’ (which even I knew). I just remember thinking that I was feeling exactly what I was supposed to be feeling as I watched a Broadway show…”

IAmDonovan at CoolBeans4, writer of all things rated ‘cool beans’.

“…I still don’t know how they got away with what they did. They juggled chainsaws, there were motorbikes… All this chaos inside a tent. We didn’t know who they were, and we almost didn’t go…

I just remember this one incredible moment where a man, no shirt, was lowered from the ceiling, hanging upside down on a trapeze, playing a clarinet. You’re already thinking ‘wow, that looks like hard work’, and when he finished, he put it away, and lit a cigarette. I’ll never forget it”.

Laidig Snr at Insight Expedition, said company director, and still claiming to be related twenty-odd years on.

Look Back in Anger, Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

“I was 14, and I think our tickets to the show were last minute, meaning there were two together in the stalls, and one loner in the front row. I didn’t really want to take it, mainly because I didn’t want to be at the front of a potentially bad show. Boy am I glad that I took it.

The only way I can describe that night and, more specifically David Tenant, was like a ball of explosive energy. Every silence was filled with the crackle of static, preempting an impending outburst; every stillness had Tenant perched, ready to pounce. Because of that spectrum, it made the vulnerable moments between Jimmy and Alison so much more fragile. The ending, where Jimmy ‘the bear’ and Alison ‘the squirrel’ meet as animals, and after all the torment of miscarriage, death and separation between them, made for such crushing viewing you felt like you were imposing by watching it.

Laidig at Laidig’s Broadway, y’all know me.

Next deadline: 26th October

That’s it for round one, and a thank you to my submitters. Now you know the rules, get submitting for the next batch!


7 thoughts on “Encore #1

  1. The best show I’ve seen by far was a performance of The Book of Mormon on Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. I actually have quite a bit of trouble remembering the bad shows I’ve been to. No idea why.

    • Ooo, submit that, I’ll promise a top spot to read your take on the show.

      How incredible was it, though. I mean I knew it would be, but it met expectations and then shot through them. I’d already been counting down the years until they made a live musical given their record. And maaaybe the bad shows were so trauma-inducing, you blocked it out. Or they were so bad, it didn’t even make it to the memory bank – that’s usually how I know how bad a show was.

    • I think it’s one of those “100 compliments and 1 criticism, which will you remember” things, which is annoying given the good ones usually shape our future show-pickings.

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