Sunday Round Up

When was the last time you looked through the sites you follow?

Not the most recent ones, your new flavour of the month. Right back to the beginning, to the first batch that ever received that magical follow click from your fingertips.

Every Sunday fortnight, from now until this blog’s demise, I’m going to round-up five blogs I’m following starting from my first. Some are going strong, others not so much, but are still worth the mention. Eventually (in about 19 posts time, to be precise) I will be at the point of covering the more recent members in my catalogue of awesome, and I’d like to hope I’ll never run out.

Feel free to join in by doing your own and linking back to this post! Maybe I’ll discover some new blogs along the way… Otherwise, say hi if you spot yourself, and let’s get some love going in here.

Bucket List Publications – travel, adventure & new experiences

My first ever follow on WP, and it’s incredible to see how much Lesley’s site has grown. It was already a pretty popular place to begin with, but as of today it stands at 100k+ followers and just under 31m hits – amazing! Capturing my attention by dropping a few likes here and there, I eventually caved – who is this adventurer, and why are they even reading the rambling thoughts of a (at the time) theatre-grad? Well, two years on, I still don’t know, but her tenacity for travelling and lust for life is contagious, with every post more dynamic than the last.

Hiking Photo

_D5A9047Next up was Patrick. Again, another site that has blossomed spectacularly, and deservedly so. I remember searching for photography sites that let the images tell the story, and wasn’t overshadowed by appalling presentation (we’ve all seen those kinds of sites), and his couldn’t be a better example. A breathtaking quality to every shot, none moreso than his most recent entry covering the Burning Man festival.

Seth Snap – photographs from my world

On my photography site quest, I discovered this gem. Alongside his images are usually one or two sentences, sometimes questions, for the reader to use as a springboard for the imagination. Or, in my case, bare an uncanny resemblance to somewhere I used to live… (If I ever find that picture again, I’ll link it).

It’s been a few months since his last posting, but the marriage between his photos and micro-stories are worth the read.

Thoughts on Theatre – art obsessions, talent crushes & inspiration to keep you moving forward

It’s been nearly two years since her last post, but what drew me to this blog initially was another search for any and all theatre types on WP – a search that still continues to this ruddy day. Whether it was pictures and videos found online, or images captured herself, her almost bitesized posts were always able to encompass so much in so few words. Looking forward to a comeback.

The Oracle Jasmine Kyle

And to round this all off… A singer (with an album, and another on the way!). Jasmine was another blogger that I couldn’t believe would be interested in my rambling theatre-nonsense. What drew me to her site (and indeed her) was the bubbly personality that would shine through the screen.

It’s probably a good thing I decided to do this post today, otherwise I would never have seen the change in domain and learnt about the upcoming album!

Round Up returns in a fortnight!

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