This week, show us something careful — a photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care.

Laidig's Broadway - CarefulHerradura, Spain at the Virgin del Carmen festival.

Spoken about this before, although admittedly it lasted about a sentence, but we once again made it back for the procession into the sea.

They’re really into their fireworks, rockets and, unsurpisingly, flares. Lots and lots and lots of flares.

And a pipe band.

And singing nuns. Dancing, singing nuns.

And more flares. Did I mention they like flares?

Consider this Spanish Sneak Peek #2 (#1 looked like this). Outside the confines of this frame, what you can’t see is the few hundred or so people either side of me, desperately craning to get a picture of the Virgin. Meanwhile, I’m standing in the sea with many a pebble about my toes, looking at the shiny things.

I’m lining up the Spain series as we speak, so buckle up or something.

And, to reuse one of my own lines, say what you like about the Catholics, they sure know how to party.


5 thoughts on “Flare

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