Sunday Round Up #2

When was the last time you looked through the sites you follow?

Go right back to the beginning, to the first batch that ever received that magical follow click from your fingertips.

Every Sunday fortnight, I round-up five of my followed blogs. Since joining in late-2012, some are still going strong, others not so much, but all are worth the mention. Feel free to join in – do your own and link back to this post! Maybe I’ll discover some new blogs along the way… Otherwise, stick around, you might find something new!

Why I Need Superheroes… and Other Supernaturals

I remember searching for comic stuff to expand my reader topics – criteria: the non-fankid kind – and honing my results brought up this site. More specifically, this post on female superheroes, followed by this the next day.

What I love about this site (and they are forgiven for the hiatus) is the dissection of all things comicky, even if it is a labour of love. It’s not often I see a site in this genre that can do this without going full-tumblr on the reader. And I know you know what I mean.

(Maybe if you check them out, they’ll post more – their Jedi post was irritatingly spot on).

This was another site that popped up during the search, where I stumbled upon this post on Amazons and their relationship to the then hilarious tip-toeing around a Wonder Woman screenplay. As above, what CM Towns does for comics, I do for theatre, and I like that.

I should probably point out that I’m not a massive fan of comics, but just enough of one to pass in the crowd. At the time, I remember being very intriguied by female superheroes, largely because of how well Black Widow had been portrayed in Avengers (only to then be destroyed by Ultron, but whatever). Soon to follow, a post on female villains and the then quite vibrant discussion of costume redesign thanks to one artist who gained a lot of coverage in the process. Currently, the site is working through ’31 Days of Horror and Supernatural’ – a film a day – the most recent being Queen of Blood.

Sue Healy – craft tips for writers

Sue is an Irish playwright I discovered during my (endless) search for theatre types on WordPress.

During the long, tedious hours of trying to better your work, it’s always good to have some words of encouragement thrown your way, and this is one of those sites. I couldn’t tell you which grabbed me first, but say on the subjects of agents, it’s like having your hand held as your are shown the ropes.

One of the main reasons I’ve stuck around is for tips like this – the arts does this weird thing of hanging in the balance between having a basic procedure, and none, all at the same time.

Once again, we’ve found a blog that has exploded over such a short period of time, and rightly so. The best way I can describe Kendall’s site is a bit like working in underground/guerilla art – if you imagine one of those havens, but in blog form, you’re halfway there.

As he says, blogging is performance art and every post is a show on his site, and literally every post is bursting at the seams. Without that prior knowledge, it could otherwise be an overwhelming experience. There’s music, poetry, short stories – what drew me to the site was the sheer vitality of the entries.
How many blogs start one way, and evolve into another? What intrigued me about TPH intitally was the sharing of poems, songs, and various write ups from other people, and how it related to the blogger. I arrived on the site via the share of a Maya Angelou poem (one I know very well), and I remember staying because my poetry knowledge is minimal at best. That’s right, it was a lazy girl’s guide to getting in the know.

Eventually, the posts stopped, and I thought it was finished. Turns out, TPH has moved to The Broken Streetlight, a much busier version of the first. Guess where I’m off to after this entry…

Round Up returns in a fortnight!

Also, don’t forget:

The end of this month is approaching fast, so Submit Your Encore before it’s too late! Here’s last month’s entry to give you an idea. Looking forward to your stories!


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