Salobreña | Trial Haven

People holiday for many reasons.

Some seek tranquility and a haven, others crave adventure. I sit somewhere between the two, although it depends on the time leading up to said time out. For the sake of this particular post, let’s go with havendom.

Laidig's Broadway

So, in seeking havendom, you look for somewhere quiet, pleasant, whatever your heart’s desire. To Salobreña, Spain, we go. Given the past year that myself and Laidig Snr have had to endure, by this point we had no inkling of there being an end in sight. Bearing that in mind, what you perhaps don’t search for is the confrontation with fear. In my case, open water.

Laidig's Broadway - Salobreña

Nothing quite like a wrap-around view to intensify that fear, and condense it into a cinematic frame, eh. I can’t explain the feeling I had at the time, nor the feeling when faced with these pictures – it’s a juxtaposition of emotions and sensations. I’m in awe at its beauty. The richness of the blue during the day made me sick to look at it. The multi-coloured glow of Motril on the water at night was never the same twice. And the view itself felt heavy on my chest, as if the sheer scale of this blue thing was too much to take in.

Laidig's Broadway - Salobreña 1

When we first arrived, it was night time, and the sound of the ocean was oddly comforting, like a dark hug. Next to us stood another villa with blue stained glass window, glowing quite prettily.

That was until the morning, when the world turned the light on, and we were faced with a distinct lack of coast, and what I can only imagine as the result of a hard night’s drinking between Bilbo Baggins and Tony Stark: rounded home with dug out windows for Bilbo, above ground and on the coast for Tony.

Laidig's Broadway - Salobreña 4

What I had hoped for, as I had been doing during this entire year of adventure, was some sense of calm to create and plan and be. Thanks to a week of mossie and general bug attack, and the jaws of the ocean glaring back at me every morning, it never came. Unfortunate, really – I mean look at this place!

LAIDIG: Excuse the absence, readers. November, for reasons best known to those that aren’t me, has upped the ante in terms of busyness. Time has evaporated, making posting a little tricky as has inspiration to…well, post. I’m absolutely kicking myself (so you don’t have to) because I’d been edging closer to one of my goals for this year, and being offline two months before 2016 hits isn’t the smartest of conducts to make said goal* come true.

I’ll do a proper update on why I’ve been so busy when I’m, y’know, not busy.

*Doubling last year’s follower count of 70. 22 to go, unconvinced I’ll hit it but a girl can dream!


5 thoughts on “Salobreña | Trial Haven

  1. Hey! I’ve been to a place you’ve visited! I got terrible sun poisoning in Salobrena that caused me to spend two days in the hospital. But I’ve been there!

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