Daily Chamonix | Bear Hunting

Don’t for a second think I’ve become obsessed, but… I found another bear. As if that wasn’t enough, the buggers light up!

Laidig's Broadway - DC

Why bears, was a caged Santa to risque? A Rudolph? Surely a tree would have made more sense. Maybe it’s acting as a distraction from the poor snow-show – instead of people complaining about the lack of piste action, they’re preoccupied with the relation of time and space between themselves and these bears. How did this happen, where did they come from and, more importantly, why?

Laidig's Broadway - DC 2

It’s not every day you look out the window to find someone’s dropped Mont Blanc and its mates outside your window, but even with a mere dusting of snow and being situated in between the lot (making for short sunlight and chilly wanders) it’s still a pretty site (even if I am having to make do with a damn phone camera).

Laidig's Broadway - DC 3A word of warning, though. I’m one of those skiers that would rather rent their gear than buy their own, but longs to buy their own anyway (complex).

As a result, I window shop every – bloody – trip. To the mountains that is. Any mountains, I’m not picky. Except for the mountains, I’m picky about those.

When you window shop for gear, you see the type of snowsporter they’re pandering to, and most of the time it’s coherent. Even when grotesque and garish, or chic and impractical, primarily designed for sitting at restaurants but looking the part, you can create a story or theory that would lead someone to go “that’s so me”.

Occasionally, however, you will get the odd company that either doesn’t care, know or didn’t think it through. Like anyone is thinking about their other halves when they’re flying down the mountain or off a cliff, people die in this sport.

Moral of the story: graphic designers – use them wisely.



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