Daily Chamonix | Vertigo

  Annnd I’m back. Felt a bit odd yesterday, but on with the show!Laidig's Broadway - Vertigo

So despite our calls to the weather gods, the snow never came – at least, not down here. Awaking to a slight dusting upon the ridges, peeking out from the hazy clouds, brought some comfort. Except I can’t ski on them – that would have brought more.

Laidig's Broadway - Vertigo 2

Usually one of the best things about being a snowrat in a resort is the atmosphere. Everyone has some sort of story to tell, weather report to…report, and the day’s prime slope for optimum action, all accompanied by alcoholic sustenance and carbohydrates. Bars and restaurants are bursting with conversation at all hours, indoors and out, regardless of the temperature.


Snow without a resort is inconvenient yet tolerable – transport to other places is easy as an easy thing. But a resort without snow…

I’m not saying the atmosphere is dead.

Or that it hasn’t been pleasant to wander the streets, albeit empty ones.

And I’m definitely not saying those going without an adequate snow fix look like the walking dead. (Well, except that one time).

I just can’t emphasise enough the forlorn looks of the snowrats with not much to do, and those that did through sheer determination of what might be considered as “getting your money’s worth”. Short of hugging them and saying “I feel you, but it’s going to be ok”.

The upside is that Chamonix existed long before it became a resort, which is why it still looks and functions like a town – places like Les Arcs, for example, were purpose built, which is why it looks like a shi- anyway.


And whether snow covered or not, it’s just a really beautiful place. I mean, Mont Blanc, man, Mont Blanc. There’s a reason I’m bombarding you with so many angles and variations. Doesn’t matter what way you look at it, be it sunlit or cloud-covered, at the base or up the Brévent, it’s a breathtaking place to be (although I’d highly recommend the latter).

Laidig's Broadway - Vertigo 2



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