Against All Odds

A bona fide escape artist – crates, kennels, cat flaps on window ledges. Gastric surgery for eating things she shouldn’t – twice. A shattered disc one minute, and walking out of surgery the following day. Early osteoarthritis. An extra butterflied vertebrae. Anaphylaxis. On the 22nd, this nutter – also nicknamed the Trooper – turned 13. … More Against All Odds

Life in Rear-View

As the year comes to a close, I feel both flat and optimistic about what’s around the corner. Every time I sense change or headway being made, something will always brings it to a shuddering halt – but maybe that’s what wrong with the world these days. We want everything and we want it now; … More Life in Rear-View

Hold Your Breath

First ever holiday dinner with my partner’s family. Second family visit road trip in two weeks, and my back is wishing the hottest of hells upon me. Third, forth, possibly even fifth garage excursion for our poor VW Polo, meaning the upcoming two and a half hour journey is going to be pure enjoyment in … More Hold Your Breath