Thank You & Happy #blogmanay

Happy third new year from Laidig’s Broadway!

I hope it was spent in the most pleasant way possible, unless you’re living in one of the UK flood zones, in which case, I hope you’ve made it to somewhere dry. For reasons I don’t understand, it has bypassed my village, despite my particular stretch being prone to overfilled drains. Then again, apart from the media and anywhere below the border, I think most Scots* would call this “just a bit a’ rain” – although try saying that to the impending doom of Abergeldie castle.

H o g m a n a y
(in Scotland) New Year’s Eve, and the celebrations that take place at this time.

And then if you tweet about your experience, it becomes #blogmanay. Puns for days!

#blogmanay via SCOT:LANDS: What it is – a chance-driven journey across the city centre to the various “lands” scattered around it, each starting with a turn of the wheel.

And how did that go? Well, it’s actually festival on New Years day with a surprise pre-event: a phenomenally poor attempt at crowd control. Looping the courtyard twice, it snaked up the stairs to, and inside of, the Playfair library, all so you could spin the wheel and navigate your way towards your first “land”. Literally to spin a wheel and then leave, in our case, with the wrong “land” address. Wild idea, but should it return next year, perhaps put the wheels IN the courtyard?

And after the escape? We made it to 3/10 lands, Coorie-in (poetry, music and tales), Cine (film and animation workshops), and Insider (food and music). I have no idea why New Years Day has become the day of artsy activities, but this was stupidly fun, more fun than the triathlon nutters at Arthur’s Seat. I’d welcome its return, provided the half hour arrival-to-leave disappears.

And now a moment of thanks

Last year I made goals** for the next twelve months, while showing in pride in how far the site has come in that time. So, briefly, let’s have a wee looky shall we?

Laidig's Broadway - blogmanay Refocus my Monday posts back to theatre
Add a second posting day, to happen bi-weekly
Create a blogroll of other theatrey types
Set a new monthly viewer count
Double follower count**
Double followed count.**

As you can see, there were a few that didn’t make it, but, I got damn close. Mentioned in a previous post, I took my eye off the ball and, unsurprisingly, my goals suffered for it.

BUT, I wasn’t far off, and I cannot thank you all enough for it. So, once again, for the old members of the Laidig clan (and the 48 newbies!), welcome back! What shall I attempt this year?

Actually create the blogroll/links of other theatrey-types,
Hit 200 wp followers (dare I?),
Match followed to follower count (I feel like I’ll be doing this for eternity),
Post about projects, something I’ve never done,
Get my site up and running, and finally link it to here.

Once again, thank you!

*Seriously, not one resident has made it onto the news. Just journalists, councillors and police folk standing in front of things. Meanwhile, the residents are being filmed shopping and going about their business, but in wellies.

** For the nosey among you, 2014 saw 3095 views and 73 followers (excluding twitter). 2015 saw 4122, 118 followers and 101 followed (I think the original number was 90something).


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