When Oceans Attack

Look at the waves, all choppy and swollen.

Like a big watery hug, their salty arms beckoning you towards them. Little do the beachgoers know that this is all a ruse until it is too late – for those arms are not arms at all, but mouths!

Exhibits A and B, a wave looking suspiciously like a lid. That’s right, a lid of the sea! The lid of a hungry sea just waiting to get its fill of mediocre sun lotion and coastal Spaniard children.

Still don’t believe me? Then feast your eyes on exhibit C. To the untrained eye, this is nothing more than the rolling tide with 3 people bobbing in the shallow waters. But if you look closely, there is only one person swimming, unaware that there are in fact two dark, ravenous eyes rising out of the rip-curl and scouting for their next meal.

…ok, so maybe none of that was true, but it could be! This was for the weight(less) photo challenge, and I have endless pictures of these two children being swallowed by the waves unexpectedly. To be honest, part of me was tempted just to take a picture of my scales seeing as I’ve lost some more tub.

Myself and rip-curls have a very, um, strained relationship. As we walked past this beach, I was taken back to a time in Mallorca where I went under a wave this size and this close to shore, alone, and very nearly didn’t surface. Then to a time in Thailand where, on a not so blue day, the current was stronger than this but went unseen. Several people that day, including myself, were almost swept out to sea. Rip-curls can away and jump. Water can literally make you weightless. I just wish my mind could let these memories go, and then I would be, too.


One thought on “When Oceans Attack

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