Daily Chamonix | Feast, Finale, Farewell

Time to tie this up. Sunday was the day, the return from mainland Europe to (not so) bonnie home.

What did we leave behind? What did we learn from this adventure?

Laidig's Broadway - Farewell 1

Well, a distinct lack of snow for one. And a swell in snowrats and tourists as we left – ha, the fools, snow only came at the top of January, hahaha.

Laidig's Broadway - Farewell 2

As a personal experiment, the week of daily posts was semi successful and equally as enjoyable. But the main reason I gave out as soon as I did was twofold: (ignoring the night I felt rough) it’s quite hard to talk about a town I’d planned to ski in without being on a slope at any stage of the week. The second was that observing and uploading detracts from actually experiencing it. Kudos to those who can daily post, but it is not the life for me. Either that or, if there is a next time, I’ll just post a title and pictures. Words are hard when you’re full of booze and cheese. And when you’re travelling. How on earth do people post on the go?!

Laidig's Broadway - Farewell 3

Depressingly, as I mentioned at the top, snow did actually arrive last week. A lot of it. So much, that in various forms of media discussing the best places to go right now for snow, Chamonix currently gets a double spread. In fact it may actually be at tipping point where there is so much snow, you either can’t get to it because your door won’t open, or the trucks can’t get up the mountain.

Laidig's Broadway - Farewell 4

A belated au revoir, Chamonix. I’ll be back, preferably with skis on. Meanwhile in Scotland…

Laidig's Broadway - Farewell 5

And now for a story. Once upon a time, my uncle was invited to a bit of a do, proper posh like, down in old London town. He kept getting given champagne, fancy food, very swish. He gets introduced to his mate’s mate ‘Alan’ – seems like a nice guy. He says to him, “bit fancy, eh? Bet this cost a fortune. How much is the bar?” and ‘Alan’ laughs his hearty laugh, saying, “it’s free”. Off to the bar my uncle goes.

So he’s at the bar, and ‘Alan’ comes back. They chat – apparently does films an’ that, not that my uncle watches any – the night ends, and they part ways. Once he gets home, my uncle starts telling my aunt about who was there, what it was like, met this film guy called… Eh… Had ‘Rick’ in it… What was the guy’s name?

Oh aye, Rick Wakeman. Someone said he played Snape in them Potter films, eh?

G’night Alan Rick(wake)man.



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