Sunday Round Up #4

When was the last time you looked through the sites you follow?

Go right back to the beginning, to the first batch that ever received that magical follow click from your fingertips.

Every Sunday fortnight, I round-up five of my followed blogs. Since joining in late-2012, some are still going strong, others not so much, but all are worth the mention. Feel free to join in – do your own and link back to this post! Maybe I’ll discover some new blogs along the way… Otherwise, stick around, you might find something new!

Globe Drifting

_DSC6480If you ever wanted to see someone’s life in internet collage, look no further. It is an absolute mish-mash of photography, videos, music, travel, literature – you name it, it’s there. Politics or issues of the moment will feature in particular travels, sometimes shown through captions of a photo, or part of the post’s story. 

Her photography is what drew me, so to give you a taste, check out this post from early last year. The colours are so vibrant, they’re delicious.

Miss Lou Acquiring Lore – Gallery of Life

Miss Lou LouAfter reviewing a piece that wasn’t what you might call amazing, I found myself heading down under* to Miss Lou humble abode and stumbling across what developed into quite a heated post.

Another life and occasional political space, very quirky and incredibly inviting. Probably one of my favourite posts was when this idea turned into Team Create.

*Not a euphemism, she actually comes from down under. Wee durties.

Lara the Escape Artist
Escapee from the corporate rat race, suffering from RSI and trying to improve her arms through the healing power of art

Self PortraitClear enough for you? Well if you fancy a more substantial rundown of how this whole site began, then wouldn’t you know it, a more in-depth version began a few days ago with more to follow by the looks of things. Otherwise, you can find the summarised story here.

I believe I joined in mid- her 365 postcard challenge, and it was always exciting to see what the next picture would hold.

No more needs to be said, I reckon, so off you go. I’ll wait.

Murray Foote

Done? Good.

Behold, a wizard.

Ok, he’s not actually a wizard, rather an incredible photographer and explorer, but the beauty of his work could easily fool you into thinking magic was involved. This picture is from his most recent post during his travels through Fjallsárlón, Iceland. I think the weirdest part is the simple fact that I always believed Iceland to be flat – where did he find moutains?!

Not Quite Paradise

And finally. I think I found this place when I was searching for other writers (by that point I didn’t actually care what medium of writer anyone was, I just knew I needed more). This site’s gone through a few changes, and is sibling to two other blogs.

Possibly the best way to describe the site – bar its own descriptor – is a life blog channelled through writing and the occasional philosophising. In a neat and tidy way.

Her second-last post probably showcases one of her biggest interests the best: all things Midori.

Sorry for the delay, kids. Round Up returns in a fortnight!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Round Up #4

  1. I actually do this sometimes, check up on blogs I’ve followed and haven’t seen posts from. Some bring back memories of my first blogging days because they were among the first to post comments on my blog and encourage me to go on. Some don’t ring a bell and if they haven’t posted for months, I delete some. I’m pretty addicted to checking out other blogs. Many of them are very inspiring!


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