Croatia | Just Go

Just a gig.

A simple, Dave Gilmour at Pula Arena, gig, that’s all we went for. Damnit, Croatia, and your attractive ways, now we have to come back.

Laidig's Broadway - Croatia

You may recognise two of the above shots from this post for a weekly photo challenge on finding beauty in mundane/every day things. It may be a 6-month old post, but these are 7-month old pictures and they’re still a sight to behold.

Laidig's Broadway - Croatia 2Laidig's Broadway - Croatia 3

The majority of shots were taken at Plitvička Lakes National Park, a stunning place. I would say stick to walking the perimeter if you aren’t a fan of crowds, small piers with no barrier to stop you from falling in, and/or enjoy taking your time because even off season, this place was rammed.

We have every plan to return to see and do more – three days just wasn’t enough – so long story short, get your butts over there pronto (unless you’re a refugee, then they’re not so keen – oo, topical Laidig, shots fired).

5 thoughts on “Croatia | Just Go

  1. My wife doesn’t understand why I want to go to Croatia. I sent her this post. We’ll see if she gets it now.

    1. I’m hopefully going back this summer, so I’ll take extra pictures just for you two if you haven’t made it out by then 🙂

      1. We definitely won’t make it out by then. I’d appreciate the pictures.


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