Croatia | Just Go

Just a gig.

A simple, Dave Gilmour at Pula Arena, gig, that’s all we went for. Damnit, Croatia, and your attractive ways, now we have to come back.

Laidig's Broadway - Croatia

You may recognise two of the above shots from this post for a weekly photo challenge on finding beauty in mundane/every day things. It may be a 6-month old post, but these are 7-month old pictures and they’re still a sight to behold.

Laidig's Broadway - Croatia 2Laidig's Broadway - Croatia 3

The majority of shots were taken at Plitvička Lakes National Park, a stunning place. I would say stick to walking the perimeter if you aren’t a fan of crowds, small piers with no barrier to stop you from falling in, and/or enjoy taking your time because even off season, this place was rammed.

We have every plan to return to see and do more – three days just wasn’t enough – so long story short, get your butts over there pronto (unless you’re a refugee, then they’re not so keen – oo, topical Laidig, shots fired).


5 thoughts on “Croatia | Just Go

  1. My wife doesn’t understand why I want to go to Croatia. I sent her this post. We’ll see if she gets it now.

    • I’m hopefully going back this summer, so I’ll take extra pictures just for you two if you haven’t made it out by then :)

      • We definitely won’t make it out by then. I’d appreciate the pictures.

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