Sunday Round Up #5

When was the last time you looked through the sites you follow?

Go right back to the beginning, to the first batch that ever received that magical follow click from your fingertips.

Every Sunday fortnight, I round-up five of my followed blogs. Since joining in late-2012, some are still going strong, others not so much, but all are worth the mention. Feel free to join in – do your own and link back to this post! Maybe I’ll discover some new blogs along the way… Otherwise, stick around, you might find something new!

The Playground

She fences. She tours. She keeps musicians in line.

Sometimes she writes stories.

She’s also been awol since 2014, and it’s a massive bummer. From day-in-the-life-of posts to short stories, it was always a fun place to visit when the site was active. It’s still worth the gander, with all the childlike intrigue of a funfair that’s empty but hasn’t been packed away yet.

Brainsnorts: Trashing Today for a Better Tomorrow

A former teacher, a prolific reader and in turn reviewer of whatever passes in front of his face, you will find extensive pieces of his writing and opinion pieces over there (the latter invariably laden with some level of, um, cynicism).

Honestly, it was probably the cynicism that kept my interest. There’s something weirdly therapeutic about his occasional despair over grammatical errors, as well as the deadpan humour within his writing style.


Ayu BakerOnce again, I discovered this site through a late-night topic search on ‘stop-motion’ and up popped this wee video called Prophecy (I have a feeling I’ve linked to this before, but let’s do it again with feeling!). As you might have spotted from the thumbnail or through a cheeky click on the blue words, when I first came to her site she was in the early days of an illustration course and the site detailed her journey through it. Since that first click, her site has blossomed with her work and influences, turning into quite the catalogue – definitely worth a look!

Pride’s Purge – an irreverant look at UK Politics

I can’t even remember how I came across this place – I think it was something to do with having at least something newsworthy in my feed…? Perhaps try to make myself seem more educated, more in tune with today’s political climate. Maybe.

Each post is a bitesize take on UK news, sometimes real, sometimes satire. Sometimes the political climate satirises itself so Pride doesn’t have to – click above for a taster. (And no, you don’t need to be a Brit to understand it).

The Snail of Happiness – small steps to a kinder world

This was during my “maybe I should display my crafting skills and find other people who can, too” phase. It’s still sort of ongoing, but I’m less inclined to develop a craft blog these days – if I had the time to share what I’ve made, or even make what I’m meant to be sharing, then we might be onto something. During that search, I found the land of the Snail in the midst of her masterpiece.

It’s a general crafty, thrifty, green-living kinda blog, that’s done some serious growing since I first followed – conveniently, she’s just hit her 4th blog-anniversary, so if you want a rundown of what you’ve missed, click here.

Share your favourite sites below!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Round Up #5

  1. Ooh – thank you for the shout-out. What a great idea – if I can persuade my laptop to function once more (major surgery required) I will have a revisit of some of the folks I follow too.

    1. More than welcome. And a happy 4 years, too!

      Yeah, it’s fun to see how all the sites are doing – I know I’ve come across quite a few where I find myself going “so THAT’S why you haven’t been posting”.


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