Salobreña | Alhambra

After September’s sneak peek for the weekly photo challenge, behold, my third visit to the palace – better late than never. For several years now, there has been a particular restoration project in addition to, y’know, all the other ones. What made this especially exciting (at least for me anyway) was the unveiling of the tiger fountain, restored and relocated to their original spot, once again a part of the enormous fountain-psuedo-irrigation system around the entire complex. 

Laidig's Broadway - Alhambra

Laidig's Broadway - Alhambra 2Laidig's Broadway - Alhambra 4 Laidig's Broadway - Alhambra 5Laidig's Broadway - Alhambra 3Laidig's Broadway - Alhambra 6Laidig's Broadway - Alhambra 7

As you might have guessed, this is not a place you visit once and get everything in one go. My recommendation, while almost permanently sold out, is booking the evening slot. The skyline above the city with the homes lit up across the valley is breathtaking. And if it’s a clear night, a cheeky full moon reflection upon the pool above, or shining in through the court of Charles V Palace. Failing that, book for early morning – it’s usually the next slot to sell out but believe me, Granada in the high sun is horrendous.

3 thoughts on “Salobreña | Alhambra

  1. Hey! I’ve been here before. Salobrena gave me sun poisoning so bad that I missed two days of university lol.

    1. Oh it’s naaasty. I think my one and only holiday in Granada saw me catch heatstroke within the first day. The only other place I’ve had sun/heatstroke as bad as Spain was skiing in the Alps, and that’s only because I was literally closer to the sun.


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