Salobreña | Cuevas de Nerja

Laidig's Broadway - NerjaLo, the grand finale!

I know, I never thought this day would come either. We’ve finally made it to the last Salobreña entry, this time focussing on the Nerja Caves.

Laidig's Broadway - Nerja 4Laidig's Broadway - Nerja 2Laidig's Broadway - Nerja 3Like Alhambra, the caves will book up as soon as the sun rises, and the early or evening walks are preferable. Unlike Alhambra, you book on the door so, again, I can’t emphasise arriving early enough or else you risk queuing in the sun unsheltered. For the claustrophobic among you, bear in mind that this is also a regular exhibition and performance venue, so it’s surprisingly spacious and cool for an underground cave. And don’t let a day starting with a truck ton of haar fool you (at the top); clouds mean nothing here.

Hope you enjoyed this (prolonged) series! Plenty more to follow.
[From the start: Trial Haven, Virgen del Carmen, and Alhambra]


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