Going Spare

For someone who is currently feeling a bit spare, this couldn’t be a more appropriate challenge. I’ll take that bonus point in advance.

So gang. It’s a very dreary and dreich day here some miles out of ye olde Edinburgh town – I’d be more specific, but I’m too easy to find. Thanks to an immobile Laidig Snr, Laidig Jnr has been doing anything and everything – moving trees, more garden hackery, more housekeeping – except what she wanted to do. For example, today I have cleaned an oven, sold the oven, tidied the front porch, taken the bins out, brought logs in, and now I’m doing some blog-homework before turning my attention back to reality: applications, projects, and Roland Garros. I’m knackered.

Laidig's Broadway - SpareHard as it might be to believe, I’ve been working since the beginning of last month to get this site back on track*. For reasons I’m not in control of, I haven’t been hitting/surpassing my monthly view targets and, thanks to a cock-up on my behalf, I didn’t double my follower count like I had hoped to by 2015’s close. So as mentioned a previous post, I’ve been working through a growing back up of people and sites. I’m nearing the finish line, but what I want to use this photo challenge for is a reiteration of this year’s goals. Why? Turns out that, five months in, I haven’t done a thing with them, and I’d love a bit of help.

• Actually create the blogroll/links of other theatrey-types,
Hit 200 wp followers,
Match followed to follower count (26 more sites to find and counting),
Post about projects, something I’ve never done,
Get my site up and running, and finally link it to here.

Yeah. Um. Well, in my defence, I’m doing really well with #3. But #2 is the cruncher. See, I want to buy my domain, but I don’t see the point in doing so at the follower count I have. But if I can hit 200 by this year’s close, I’ll buy it.

That’s where you, the reader, come in. If you’re a theatre-type, you know a site that is, or you just plain think your site is a cracking place to be, let’s get to know each other. Maybe it can be a three-birds-with-one-stone-deal, you never know!

Incidentally, I’ll be concentrating my content even more. I’m really enjoying my Sunday Round Ups, but my frequency is piss-awful, and I still have another 65 to feature! I also have a few more 10 Things I Hate About to work through, and I’m putting together a sort of ‘behind the scenes’ thing to some of my scripts. That, however, may take a bit of time, so be excited but patient.

Maybe this is why Scotland produced so many great thinkers and inventors – shit weather just focusses the mind, y’know?

* I aim for 200 minimum per month, and I am 200 views behind on this year alone. Before this month, that number was 258. Pulling it back, very slowly, working for every stat. I gave up on having a monthly follower aim ages ago, le sigh.

17 thoughts on “Going Spare

      1. Hehe. I is a snookums. Or something like that. Perhaps I’m not nice. I’m not sure yet.

      2. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of The Cat in the Hat.

  1. I had to laugh at your title “Going Spare” as I mentioned that phrase in my post. 🙂 Hope things pick up for you (weather as well.) Here in the Chicago, US of A, we’ve been getting rained on quite comprehensively and the clouds are building up again. A bit gloomy, yes, but a good time for me to work in the basement, wading through boxes of things I need to get rid of.

    All the best,


    1. Weird you say that, because I haven’t used it in so long, but it just made sense. I feel spare as it is, and I’m going spare because of it.

      Haha, love that description! When I used to live on the outskirts, it was always like a home from home when it came to the weather, with the added bonus of snow (at the time, Edinburgh didn’t get snow, and I was 6 so it was extra exciting).

  2. Just enjoy writing the blogs. If the followers come great. If they don’t so what, as long as you enjoy what you are doing. There’s all sorts of stuff around on growing your following, but it depends what you are doing it for in the first place. Is it because you have something to say, or because you want followers? Assuming it’s the first, don’t lose sight of that. Then think of how you might promote it.

    1. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to comment!

      This was literally more of an update on the situation, but in answer to your question, my principles have never changed; it’s always been about searching for other theatre-types for reasons that are far too boring to list. Believe me, this isn’t my first callout for them 🙂


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