[6] Kyotan Coo’

this isn’t a political broadcast, just a niece who found a hilarious picture of questionable sight-seeing in the run up to the referendum. prompt meet object, essentially.

There’s an EU referendum approaching. It’s brought all sorts out of the woodwork. Then there’s me, an Irish-Germanic Scot, sifting through possessions to part with and I come across this pretty little face I’ve loved since I met it.

I like to imagine this as the moment my aunt thought “So this is Scotland,” after she and my uncle eloped to the Midwest.DSC01910A lady who left Osaka behind at 16. Who fell for my uncle. Who raised the hackles on a 2nd gen German with WWII still a raw nerve and Vietnam on the horizon, but easily won over with her personality (and free haircuts). And who saw my six-foot plus uncle struggle to fit into the clothes of a Japanese groom (and probably giggled over).

If you ever find yourself wavering over the dangers of immigration/emigration from and to distant cultures, think of it like the picture above: it’ll be weird to begin with, it may never stop being weird, but it can work if you want it to.

P.S. I will say the independence referendum has spoiled future elections, though. Within two years, we’ve had a general election, locals, and now a second referendum. And, if the UK vote out but the majority of Scotland vote to stay in, independence referendum #3 is inbound. Can we just chill for a year?

2 thoughts on “[6] Kyotan Coo’

  1. I’m under the impression most of the UK wants to stay in. Is that actually the case or am I being biased by the limited sample size of Brits and Scots I know?

    1. According to polls, apparently. I think the biggest argument is that reforming the EU after you’ve left is harder to do than when you’re still part of the union.

      Ultimately if people want to leave, cool; if they want to stay, grand. I just know I’m not the only person who’d like a break from being campaigned at, whether it’s Cameron’s attempt at a legacy or not.


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