[review] ‘An Epilogue to Innocence’

imageYour man over at That Tiny Website there did himself a cheeky self-publishing and, officially available from tomorrow, ‘An Epilogue to Innocence‘ is live!

AETI is a collection of ten short stories revolving around twentysomethings and their relationship with the wider world. As Tim (that’s Mr Tim to you) details in his author’s note, this age range thrives on the success and happiness this transition into adulthood can bring; “when that change is negative is when we struggle“.

From brief encounters with exotic strangers, to losing a significant other, to something simple yet difficult like moving on, it’s not an exhaustive list of the first true hurdles that comes with “growing up”. Mental illness, feeling isolated, the pressure of balancing work and life – the rise in reports of mental health problems and diagnoses among the younger generation indicates a wider issue at large that we are still failing to address. Whatever that is, whatever things you as a reader have experienced recently or far into your past, even within some of the more extreme circumstances these stories occur, there is some element to relate to. 

My personal favourite, ‘The Strongest Feelings are on the Inside‘, is an unexpected twist within the flow of storytelling. The most common theme throughout AETI is loss, none more so within the first five. And so you would believe as you work your way through the sixth. I won’t say much more, but it definitely takes you by surprise, and continues to do so until its conclusion. ‘Awkward?‘ acts as a delightful digestif to follow. 

Some stories will resonate more than others, and all are captivating. A few moments of more exposition than perhaps necessary, AETI is a light yet juicy read, providing not too much to overload and just enough to satisfy… Almost. Am I allowed to request a fuller version of ‘Strongest Feelings‘ within a review?

An Epilogue to Innocence‘ is officially live 10th July (tomorrow) on Amazon and Kindle, and is already live on Createspace. It is available in paperback for $7.99, and $2.99 on Kindle (the Amazon matchbook program is also available). Ordering through Createspace helps Tim earn fractionally more than the other options, and it may or may not also help our man become a real boy!

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