I Deserve Rejection

What’s one piece of great advice you’ve read recently? What’s the best bit of wisdom you’ve ever received?

Laidig's Broadway - RejectionSo I’m back. And I feel a little better.

The storm in my head may not have completely passed, but it’s certainly dissipated.

Before my brief jaunt to the Lecrin Valley, I was feeling burnt out. For the past couple of years, my energy management has been so out of whack that I have to be really careful with how much I put into whatever task(s) I do, which is a very foreign sensation to someone who is so used to working on late nights, long hours and adrenaline. While I sometimes beat myself up over not being consistently employed, realistically, how can I be when I’m not physically 100%?

But as I said in a previous post, choosing to focus on myself is slowly lifting the cloud that has been clinging to me for so long. The biggest break in that cloud came from a piece by LitHub, called Why You Should Aim For 100 Rejections a Year.

While they don’t sway me, it can become tedious reading the “thank you but no thank you”s that dance across your screen, or the stories that never see the light of day because you have no one available to help make it happen.

Not getting the job you want, let alone any of the ones you’ve applied for; not hitting those site targets you feel you deserve; having your loan application denied; your weight not shifting despite the diet and exercise you put yourself through; your wages coming in late so bang goes dinner and paying the rent on time; not being able to provide someone with all the love you have to give, to be loved in the same way you are capable of loving someone, several years after you were last able to.

Life is full of rejection, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes your break does eventually come, and while glorious, it’s short-lived and you’re back to square one before you know it. Or it lasts for what seems a lifetime, only for it to be taken away with no warning.

Big or small, rejection is a way of life and nothing to be afraid of. That’s what I took from this article. In the creative sense, despite how impossible it has been to do so of late, it has given me the motivation to focus my mind on my work once again. The same way I focussed on this blog, I plan to create, redraft, rewrite, email, submit, apply, and take the inevitable rejections on the chin.

Being halfway through the year, I doubt I could aim for 100. That’s about 8 a month, so by starting now I’d need to aim for 40. Seeing as LitHub is a literary website, there are probably more literary deadlines than theatrical ones, so let’s be realistic:

I pledge to aim for 20 rejections before the end of the year, and I vow to report back on that in the New Year, probably with a rejection forecast for 2017.

5 thoughts on “I Deserve Rejection

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